West Coast Blocs Registration



General Admission Registrations are available now!

Age Limits

This competition is open only to those 17 years of age and over.

If you are under 17 years of age in the Opens category and would like to compete, please see the FAQ on the WCB main page.


Novice - For climbers projecting anything between Pink and Yellow Tags, this category is for you. Great for those who are just dipping their toes into competition climbing.

Intermediate - For climbers who are projecting any climbs between Blue and Red Tags. If you've snagged a podium spot in the Novice categories before, you must sign up for this category.

Opens - Drawing in top-notch climbers from across Australia, this category is tailored for climbers who project anything between Green and Black tags. Anyone who has podiumed in Intermediate categories in previous years must enter this category.

Participants who score the highest in the qualifiers round will have the opportunity to compete in the finals round, which will take place in the evening on the same day.

Please note: Opens Climbers under 17 with competition experience are eligible for Special Considerations!

For eligible Youth, please email with the following information to apply:

How to Apply:
Email wcbregos@portsideboulders.com.au with the below information:
1. Reasons why you would like to compete in West Coast Blocs?
2 Must provide evidence of prior Opens-level competition experience/history.
3. The deadline to submit your Special Consideration is Monday 5th of August, 5pm. This gives our team enough time to review and process all requests prior to the event.

Applications for other categories will NOT be accepted. For all other competitors under 17, we have our Portside Youth Festival, a competition especially for climbers below 17 in October!