The first thing you’ll need to do is sign your waiver using the button below.

We’ve also put together a list of common questions we get from first timers.

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Bouldering is a form of rock climbing on 4.5 meter high climbing walls. “Problems” are climbed without ropes or harnesses with one person climbing at a time. There is no need for belayers so all participants are free to climb at their own pace.

Portside Boulders has over 100 problems available within the one bouldering area at any one time. Problems stay on the wall for 4 weeks before being changed. So there will always be something new to climb at Portside!

what do i need?

All you need to bring is light, comfortable clothing/activewear.
A water bottle is also a good idea to keep you hydrated.

Rental shoes are $5 and rental chalk bags are $3. Feel free to bring your own or purchase shoes and chalk bags from our store. 

Climbing shoes must be worn when bouldering at Portside, this is so the climbing wall and holds remain nice and clean for everyone.

what about kids?

Here at Portside, we are an adult-focused facility, however we do aim to be inclusive towards those who are 16 and below.

Youth Policies

Youth Climbing Policy (Under 16yrs)

For the safety and enjoyment of all climbers, please ensure you adhere to our policies. You may be refused entry if these requirements are not met.

  1. Climbers must be at least 4 years of age. A child is considered anyone under the age of 16.
  2. All children and supervising adults must complete our waiver and safety induction.
  3. For every 2 children, there must be at least 1 adult supervising at all times.
  4. All climbers must wear climbing shoes.
  5. Bookings are required for groups of more than 4 children, and must be approved by the gym ahead of time.

Youth Booking Policy (11-15yrs ONLY)

  • 4 - 10 years old - NO group bookings allowed - we suggest that you check out our Pebbles or Youth program.
  • 11 - 15 years old - group bookings are possible, but MUST be booked with a coach, plus the below:
  1. Bookings will not be accepted for groups that include participants under 11 years old.
  2. We have a STRICT policy of one (1) adult supervisor/ participant for every four (4) children.
  3. Important: Strictly NO kids birthday parties. Unfortunately our facility is not suitable for kids birthday parties, and we therefore do not allow them at Portside.

If there are 4 or less of you coming for your first climb, we are happy to have you drop in at any time (you can speed up the sign in process by filling out the waiver)

If there are 5 or more new climbers in your group, please put in a group booking request here and we will be in contact with you to confirm a booking.

*Please note: Staff reserve the right to refuse groups of 4 or more who arrive without prior booking confirmation


See below for our list of house rules/proper climbing etiquette you should follow when visiting our gyms.


The grade of each climb is indicated by one of seven different coloured tags, with two additional tag designs for Mystery and Kids’ climbs.

Note that the hold colours do not indicate grade! The colour system allows our routesetters to have the freedom to use all of the holds throughout the whole range of grades, so climbers won't be stuck on the same hold sets.

The coloured tags will also have the name of the colour on them, and the posters in the gym will have the names of the colours on the bands, so that our colourblind climbers will be able to identify climbs.




  1. A safety induction is required to anyone new to Portside.
  2. The mats are for falling and landing on. Please no running, wrestling, stretching, flips etc. on the mats.
  3. Climbing shoes are absolutely required on wall - no barefoot or sneaker climbing.
  4. Blood. If you spill blood on any part of our gyms, please seek help from the desk staff to remove it. Do not continue climbing if you are bleeding - this is highly unsanitary and poses a risk to other climbers.
  5. No food, drink, pets, or any mess/clutter on the mats. This includes water bottles.
  6. Pet Safety - Please refer to our Pets Policy (scroll down). 


  1. Never comment on someone's lack of ability/climbing skill and/or discourage anyone from climbing.
  2. Unsolicited sexual language and/or behaviour towards anyone is strictly prohibited.
  3. We do not tolerate homophobia, biphobia, inter-phobia and any other form of sexist, racist, discriminating and bullying comments and/or actions.
  4. We do not tolerate cyberbullying of any kind. This includes mediums such as emails, comments or messages via our social media platforms.
  5. Do not instruct people on how to climb unless they give explicit permission first - this includes showing beta (the solution to climbing a problem), or physical assistance. 


  1. Please brush the holds of climbs. If someone has brushed a climb, they are entitled to the next attempt on it.
  2. Take turns whilst climbing, as there may be other climbers wanting to have a go. Have 1 - 2 attemps before rotating with other climbers, and keep a safe distance while waiting.
  3. Always be courteous and respectful of other people, their space and belongings.
  4. Part of the fun of climbing is figuring a problem out (or learning the 'beta'). As well intentioned as it may be, not everyone would like advice on how to do things, let people ask should they want some help! 
  5. Climbing shoes are absolutely required on wall - No barefoot or sneaker climbing.
  6. For the benefit of others, refrain from using the facility if you feel unwell.
  7. Commercial solicitations are not allowed.
  8. No climbing shoes in bathrooms or in the weights gym.
  9. Wipe down equipment after use.
  10. Put away equipment neatly after use.
  11. Do not drop the weights.
  12. Gym is for use of those 16 years and older.


Reminder: it’s a privilege to have pets in the gym. For the health and safety of all gym patrons, we’d appreciate all pet owners to please respect our pets policy.


  1. Pets must be on standard-sized lead at all times (one pet per lead).
  2. Or tied to a provided point (rings on the floor), not tied to furniture/benches.
  3. No pets on the mats.
  4. No pets on the furniture.
  5. No pets in the weights gym area.
  6. Pets are only allowed on beds provided and concreted areas.
  7. We reserve the right to go beyond these rules in necessary situations (eg. a dog impacting other customers’ enjoyment of facility with barking and/or aggressive behaviour).
  8. Be aware that other pets/dogs may be in the gym. 
  9. If your pet creates a mess, it is the owner’s responsibility to clean it.



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