Portside Boulders is primarily designed as an adult-focused climbing facility for those over the age of 18.

However, we do make efforts to accommodate younger climbers. We offer dedicated youth climbing programs designed to introduce younger climbers to the sport in a safe and supportive environment. See below for our Youth Programs.


Pebbles Club teaches essential bouldering skills and techniques through on-the-wall play in a safe environment. Family/guardians of Pebbles are welcome to use the gym or train upstairs, however the main climbing area is exclusively for the Pebbles club during the session.

The cafe is staffed so you can grab a coffee or snack.

O’Connor, Osborne Park & Willetton

Pricing Price Per Person
10-Class Pack  $200
10-Class Pack for Direct Debit Members
(child must hold the membership)
10-Class Pack + Concession 10-Visit Pack  $200 + $135


  • Includes a day pass so you can continue to climb after class.

  • Passes can also be used for regular day entries on other days of the week if you choose.


    10-CLASS PACK for DD Members (child must hold the membership)

    • If your child climbs 2 – 3+ times per week, it is worth having a direct debit membership for them.

    • This allows them to climb with parent/guardian supervision during any open hours (shoe hire and chalk not included).

    Direct Debit Membership Inclusions:

    • Bring a friend for free for general climbing once per month (does not include classes).

    • 10% off all instore items over $20.

    • Free access to all Portside locations to climb with parent/guardian supervision.

    • See our CONCESSIONS MEMBERSHIP page for more information.


    10-CLASS PACK + Concession 10-Visit Pack

    • If your child climbs 2 times per week on an irregular basis it can be worth having a Concession 10-Visit pack for them.

    • This allows them to climb with parent/guardian supervision during any open hours. The 10-visit pack lasts for 3 years.



    10-Class Pack will be used for the following 10 consecutive weeks. Passes will be used for all classes you are booked in for, unless one of the following notices are given:

    Provide 1 weeks notice via email to youth@portsideboulders.com.au and we will not use your pass for selected class(es). We will save your spot for future classes.

    Send us through a doctors note to youth@portsideboulders.com.au  and we will not use a pass for that class. We will save your spot for future classes.

    youth club General inclusions

    The Youth Club/Youth Club+ term program inclusions:
    • A 10 week boulder coaching program
    • A 10 week membership to the gym, meaning climbing anytime during open hours with adult supervision for no extra cost (shoes will need to be hired on these days)
    • Shoes and chalk hire during class time
    • 1.5hr class on your requested days
    • 10% off all instore items over $20
    • Bring 1 friend free for general climbing per month, this does not include classes


    The Portside Boulders Youth Club teaches essential bouldering techniques through a mixture of on and off the wall exercises. Youth club is run on a term-by-term basis, breaking for school holidays.

    YOUTH CLUB+ 14-17YRs

    We also offer Youth Club+, which is the same as Youth Club but only for youth aged between 14-17.


    O’Connor – Youth Club

    Day Time
    Monday, Wednesday & Friday 4:00pm – 5:30pm
    Saturday 9:00am – 10:30am

    O’Connor – Youth Club+

    Day Time
    Monday, Wednesday & Friday 5:30pm – 7pm

    Osborne Park & Willetton – Youth Club

    Day Time
    Tuesday & Thursday 4:00pm – 5:30pm
    Saturday 9:00am – 10:30am

    Osborne Park & Willetton – Youth Club+

    Day Time
    Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm – 7pm
    Saturday 10:30am – 12pm


    per week
    Existing Portside member Youth Club
    1 $90 $364
    2 $163 $437
    3 $237 $511



    Allows kids aged 9-17 to trial Youth Club during school holidays, without committing to a full term of classes.

    Please Note:

    • Each Holiday Class goes for 3 hours

    • Purchase applies to a single chosen facility only

    • Youth Holiday membership is also available

    • Siblings get 10% off classes

    O’Connor, Osborne Park & Willetton

    Day Time
    Monday, Wednesday & Friday

    9:00am – 12:00pm,


    Saturday & Sunday 9:00am – 12:00pm

    Coached holiday class rates

    $35 per class
    $30 per class, if  two classes or more are purchased

    Price includes:

      • Entry to Portside for the class only

      • Chalk and shoe hire for the class only

      • Purchase applies to a single facility only

    Youth Holiday Membership

    For ages 9-17 yrs. Youth Holiday membership is only offered during school holidays, and allows Youth to have discounted Portside membership as well as chalk and shoe hire included (normally $3 and $5 respectively, per visit!).

    It’s a great option for kids who don’t want to participate in classes, but would like to climb during school break. Remember: Children aged 4-15 require active adult supervision.

    $40 per week

    Price includes:

        • Chalk and shoe hire for the week

        • Full access to all Portside facilities

        • Does not include classes



    Our Development Squad is for young athletes whose technical skills and motivation to progress has
    outgrown our youth club classes. Smaller class numbers and customised coaching to keep
    them progressing.



    The Squad is for young athletes who have outgrown the Development Squad, most suited to elite
    climbers and competition-focused athletes, customised programming and coaching to
    ensure progress.

    Both classes are invite only, with classes being capped at 6 youth per class. and trials are
    available for those that wish to apply. Apply by contacting us via youth@portsideboulders.com.au.


    O’Connor –
    Development Squad + The Squad

    Day Time
    Monday, Wednesday & Friday 5:30pm – 7pm

    Osborne Park & Willetton –
    Development Squad + The Squad

    Day Time
    Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm – 7pm
    Saturday 10:30am – 12pm


    (4 – 15 years old)

    For the safety and enjoyment of all climbers, please ensure you adhere to our policies. You may be refused entry if these requirements are not met.


    1. Climbers must be at least 4 years of age.
      A child is considered anyone under the age of 16.
    2. All children and supervising adults must complete our waiver and safety induction.
    3. For every 2 children, there must be at least 1 adult supervising at all times.
    4. All climbers must wear climbing shoes.
    5. Bookings are required for groups of more than 4 children, and must be approved by the gym ahead of time.
    6. Important: Strictly NO kids birthday parties. Our facility is not suitable for kids birthday parties, and we therefore do not allow them at Portside.

    ACTIVE SUPERVISION means ‘within arms reach or within a few steps away’. It is also imperative that no running, cartwheels or similar types of activities be undertaken by the child in the climbing area (or adult for that matter) as it significantly increases the risks of injury.


    (11 – 15 years old ONLY)


    • 4 – 10 years old – NO group bookings allowed – we suggest that you check out our Pebbles or Youth program.
    • 11 – 15 years old – group bookings are possible, but MUST be booked with a coach, plus the below:
    1. Bookings will not be accepted for groups that include participants under 11 years old.
    2. We have a STRICT policy of one (1) adult supervisor/ participant for every four (4) children.


    (16-18 years old)

    Youth aged 16-18 do NOT require a supervisor to climb with us.

    Once someone is 18+ they will be able to supervise others, but they must not be climbing at the same time.

    One adult may not be responsible for more than 2 youth (15 and under).

    Before climbing, participants under 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

    Anyone supervising youth will need to be inducted and have a waiver completed with Portside.

    You can now apply for an exemption to our supervision policies for children aged 14 and older who are currently enrolled in our Youth Programs. If successful they would be able to climb without a supervisor.

    We will base our decision on these applications on the behaviour, attitude, and sense of responsibility of the youth during classes.

    Finally, climbing unsupervised is a privilege. If the application is granted but exempt youth exhibit unsafe behaviour, they will risk losing this privilege. Any Portside staff member reserves the right to revoke an exemption if unsafe behaviour is observed.

    If you would like to begin an application you can do so here.



    The Portside Youth Competition Access Fund aims to support young Portside climbers’ access to the competition circuit both nationally and internationally. 100% of your donation will go towards this goal with all associated administrative labour being undertaken by volunteers!

    The fund has two main sources of contribution:

    1. Donations made to Portside Boulders by members/casuals during various competition and/or fund raising events.

    2. Donations made by members, casual climbers or other people to the fund directly.

    We also have local businesses such as Climbit Physio, who hold stalls at our events and offer all proceedings to our Youth Access Fund. Thank you, Climbit!

    So your contribution matters!


    Portside Boulders Youth Access Fund has a strict set of eligibility criteria to ensure it goes to those who are most in need.
    Check out the PDF in the button below.

    Youth Nationals,
    Markus (O’Connor)

    Youth Nationals,
    Ashlee B. (Osborne Park)

    Youth Nationals,
    Sport Climbing Western Australia

    Come for a climb.
    Stay for a hang.