The Portside Boulders Artist Series is a series of limited-run t-shirts designed by Australian artists who are also climbers. Noticing the large amount of creatives in our community; The Artist Series was introduced as a way to
celebrate our local talent and creativity.

Each shirt is unique, specifically designed by the artist for the series, and only available for a limited time.*

Thank you for your interest in joining the series! We love to see artists putting themselves out there and challenging themselves to design something unique that will be worn by our community (climbers, and otherwise!).

We have several restrictions with which the design should be created, and hope that this creates an exciting challenge to you as an artist.



  • Must be bouldering/climbing-related in some way.
    1. Can relate to any type of climbing (sport, trad, bouldering etc.)
  • “Portside Boulders”, the Portside Boulders logo, or its brand elements must appear somewhere in the design.
    1. This can be added in any creative way you see fit. i.e. Incorporated into the design, or using your own style for the logo or text etc.
  • A breast design and a back design is required.
    1. The breast design can be a smaller or simplified version of the back design.
    2. If you have a specific design in mind that does not fit the standard, please discuss it with the media manager to determine its effectiveness. We are very open to creative and ‘out there’ ideas, so please don’t be shy!
  • Cannot include nudity, offensive language or images.
    1. If you are unclear about whether your design is appropriate, please contact the Media Manager.
  • Supply 2 different colours for the garments themselves.
    1. We generally use AS Colour Staple Tees. It is worth checking whether the colour you intend to create your design on is in stock. Please discuss this with the Media Manager to ensure we have enough variety in our current range that your colour is not doubling up with something else we currently stock at Portside Boulders.
    2. Sometimes we will ask if you can produce your print on a different garment. For example, we might also request your design to fit on a AS Colour Women’s Crop Tee. 
    3. A light version and a dark version is recommended. eg. A black t-shirt with white print, and a white t-shirt with black print.
  • 3 colours maximum in the artwork so that it can be effectively screen-printed.
    1. If you believe your style requires more colours or complexity, it can be discussed with the Media Manager to discuss whether a digital or Supacolour print will be possible.
  • The final design must be delivered in “.ai”, or “.eps” format.


  1. There are several factors which affect the cost per shirt.

The colour of the shirt (light or dark), number of T-shirts per order and the number of colours in the design will all affect the cost per shirt.
This could affect the quantity Portside Boulders are able to order, and therefore the profit-share scenario outlined below.

  1. Pricing and Payment.

You will not be paid for the time taken to produce your design. You will be paid based on pre-order quantities on a 50% profit-share basis**. You will also receive 1 free shirt of your design (in one colour variation if you have multiple). The projected profits will change depending on the number of t-shirts ordered. The Media Manager will contact you with this information when it becomes available.

3. Intellectual Property and Promotion.

The artist owns the Intellectual Property rights to the design. By signing onto the Artist Series T-Shirt Project, the artist agrees to a set number of t-shirts (determined once the design has been finalised), for the design to be printed on. Should there be interest in a re-print of the design, the artist will be consulted and agreement must be met by both parties prior to printing. 

Portside Boulders may use the design to promote:

– The sale of the current Artist Series T-Shirt Design,

– The Artist Series T-Shirt Project in future,

– General Portside Boulders promotion (eg. Promoting Artist Series as an activity/project on our What’s On At Portside board).

4. Amendments & Changes

Generally, artwork will go through 3 phases:

– Initial Concepts & Feedback

– Drafts/Approval Stage & Feedback

– Final Release

Your artwork will go through the approval stage a few weeks prior to release, and re-assessed accordingly.

The Media Manager will look at whether the design fits the above guidelines and discuss with you any necessary changes (size, colour count, complexity etc).

Portside Boulders reserves the right to make final decisions on any tweaks to your design, including but not limited to; colour of the t-shirt, number of colours in the design. All changes will be discussed with you, the artist, before they are made.

You will be able to contact the Media Manager at any time prior to the artwork approval with any questions or concerns.
We are here to help and want to see your design finished just as much as you do, if we can assist in any way please get in touch.


For any questions regarding the Artist Series, please email wendy@portsideboulders.com.au

*Unless there is sufficient customer demand for a re-print, and artist consents to re-printing.

**Profits are calculated after the total cost of printing has been covered; including set-up fees and other associated costs.


To apply, send an email to wendy@portsideboulders.com.au with the following:

1. Why do you want to join the Portside Boulders Artist Series?
2. Any ideas for a design? (should be Bouldering inspired)
3. Samples of your work.

Deadline: Monday June 10th.
Submissions will be accepted by email only.

Come for a climb.
Stay for a hang.